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Chienworks* Rotating Cat Head Video RCHV store - animated backgrounds & video clipart

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Transitions Pack 01 - PAL

14 custom designed transition masks for use in digital video editing. These transitions are PAL DV .avi files in both 10 second and 3 second lengths. There are 14 masks which include brick wall, dissolve, paintbrush, pouring, rinse, splat, turbulance, and waves.

tp01 demo file - WMV 2.5MB

Added to catalog on 20030731

Item: tp01p
Discs: 1
Price: $20


Full res 1 second samples:

Low res full length samples:

The transitions are performed by using the clip as a parent masking the clip being transitioned to. Shown below is a screen shot of this process in SonicFoundry's Vegas Video 3.0. Note that the clip being transitioned from is in track 3 and the clip being transitioned to starts in track 2. The transition mask is placed on track 1 and tracks 1 & 2 are joined together as parent/child. Wherever the mask is black, track 3 shows through. Wherever it is white, track 2 shows through. The transition progresses from a completely black frame to a completely white frame which allows more and more of track 2 to replace track 3. At the end of the transition, the clip on track 2 is split and the remainder is moved to track 3.

The transitions come in both 3 second and 10 second lengths. They can easily be sped up or slowed down match any desired duration. In Vegas, a simple Ctrl-drag of the end of the event is all that is necessary. Since Vegas can alter the speed by a factor of 4 with this method, the transitions can range in length from 0.75 seconds to 40 seconds. Adding a velocity envelope increases this range to 0.25 seconds to 120 seconds. Vegas 4 users will probably want to disable resampling of the mask event when changing the duration to retain a sharper mask.

Chienworks* Rotating Cat Head Video RCHV store - animated backgrounds & video clipart
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All graphics, artwork, and video clips copyright 124 by Chienworks* Rotating Cat Head Video recommends SONY's Vegas software for video editing and DVD authoring.